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We collect the 'STAR' products for you! Starlution, your solution, a company that invest to create a bond, grow strong and move forward together with you.

Star’products: (Future) leading products

Innovative Selection

We continuously orientate the Asian food market in order to discover new trends and food products which have potential in our market. To make this happen, we travel around in Asia and visit Asian food exhibitions to find interesting products.


In order to supply the best products of Asia, we cooperate with various suppliers, each with their own specialty. We believe every company have their own strengths and knowledge in this branch and we respect that. Our key is to create a bond, growing strong and move forward together to serve this market.

Sales Motive

When it comes to selling products, we try our best to cooperate with our clients. We want to set goals and achieve results together.

We strive to become the most innovative Asian food company in Europe. Therefore, we work together with various suppliers with different specializations in Asian food and are we continuously looking for new products, which fits in our assortment.

To achieve this goal we:

Our Focus

Our vision is ‘continuously discovering new trends in order to find and introduce new Asian products this food market’. In order to achieve this, we keep researching the food trends in Asia. Create a strong bond with suppliers in EU and outside EU. Collaborate, achieve goals and adapt the market together.

Do research in the European market

Aim for growing strong together to serve this market

Continuously looking for food products with potential

Build a strong bond between supplier, Starlution and the customer

Our Products

We’ve selected products from the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and Korea.

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